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Dreams Actualized.

Work & Clients

We design interactive websites, products and displays from start to finish. 


Having you play the part of Cuba Gooding Jr. SHOW ME THE MONEY!


Having your website give users an out-of-body experience.



Having people talk behind your back.



Having you stay ahead of the competition.


Who We Are


For over 20 years, we’ve been making waves in the web application development, eCommerce and business software community while servicing companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s. Offering everything from website advice to website auditing; IT strategy to a complete webmaster service, we will ensure you get the most value possible out of your online marketing budget. We’ll provide a service to suit your specific needs. 


As well as website development we offer a host of print and online promotional services; logo design and corporate ID, brochure, postcard, folder and flyer design, banner creation, e-newsletters, SEO/SEM, animated presentations, screensavers, desktop backgrounds, and online videos.


What We Do


BAK Media (pronounced “bawk”) takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow. 


We identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires. 


We envision new companies and brands, and we design the products, services, spaces, and interactive experiences that bring them to life.


Lastly, we help organizations build creative culture and the internal systems required to sustain innovation and launch new ventures.

What We Believe


We will help you grab a piece of the pie that has been sitting on that table since the late-90's when the internet exploded. Whether in a firmly-planted, saturated industry, like travel, or to close-knit, closed-off industries, like jewelry, we will penetrate that marketplace and increase your bottom-line. Ideally, sooner rather than later. That is our mission at BAK Media.


Don't be afraid to venture inside the box and play with the big boys. There is plenty of room for you. That's our job -  to make room. And, in the end, perhaps we will even grab their attention. Most importantly, we will help turn your business into a viable entity you will profit from - and for years to come.

So go ahead... GRAB A FORK!

How We Work


BAK Media uses both analytical tools and generative techniques to help clients see how their new or existing operations could look in the future — and build road maps for getting there. Our methods include business model prototyping, data visualization, innovation strategy, organizational design, qualitative and quantitative research, and IP liberation.


All of our work is done in consideration of the capabilities of our clients and the needs of their customers. As we iterate toward a final solution, we assess and reassess our designs. Our goal is to deliver appropriate, actionable, and tangible strategies. The result: new, innovative avenues for growth that are grounded in business viability and market desirability.


Choose from ‘as needed’ consultancy to an on-going, monthly package on a retainer basis. You pick the service that you need and we’ll go above and beyond to deliver that package.



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